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This site is dedicated to all things for Astronomy. If You are looking to get Started in Astronomy or You are an advanced Astronomer trying to find that elusive part for your Telescope. There are pages here for You . Astronomy f0r Beginners, Astronomy Accessories, Books on Astronomy, Super Telescopes and The Best Value for Money Binoculars. There are useful articles on How to collimate Your Telescope, How to Navigate the Stars , useful Apps and much more.

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Pushing the boundaries of Space Travel

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Amazing Books on Astronomy

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Where can I get parts for my Telescope?


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           In The Beginning.

Big Bang
The Big Bang !

Man has walked upright on planet Earth For some 6000 years or so. Staring up at the Heavens in awe and wonderment. Yet it is only recently that we are starting to scratch the surface and begin to understand how the Universe began and take a closer look at stellar events millions of  light years away.

Galileo gave us our first look at the Telescope. He mapped out the solar system.. He discovered Moons around Jupiter and The phases of Venus. Great men like Copernicus died for the science of Astronomy. Greater men have lived and died trying to reach the Moon.

Man has strived to get a greater understanding of the Universe. We are getting closer as advancements in our technology improve. We have Gamma ray , Ultraviolet and radio wave telescopes on Manmade Satellites in Space. One Satellite, Voyager 1, has gone beyond the reaches of our own Star, the Sun,  and gone into interstellar Space.

For as long as I can remember.
I have loved staring up at the heavens.
I started getting  into Amateur astronomy about 3 years ago. Thanks to Professor Brian Cox and Professor Stephen Hawkin.
They rekindled my appetite for Astronomy.

I already knew a little bit about the Stars and our Solar system. I wanted to take a closer look.

First I bought a second-hand pair of Binoculars for about £20 and I was amazed at all the things I could see. Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion’s Nebula, Star clusters and planets. It was one of my best Stargazing moments when I first saw The Andromeda Galaxy.
I just had to get a Telescope!
But which one?
My budget was very limited so I looked on eBay and after some research on the astronomy forums opted for a
Sky-Watcher-Skyhawk-1145P-SynScan-AZ goto Telescope.
Second hand £150.

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Skywatcher Synscan 114p

My First Telescope : Sky watcher 1145p synscan

My first ever image:  The moon and Crator Tycho:

Cool Moon pic
Crator Tycho on the Moon

I took this image of Crator Tycho using nothing more than my IPhone 6  through the Eyepiece of my 4 inch Skywatcher Telescope.

It Just goes to prove that You don’t need a lot of ultra expensive equipment, top of range Telescopes or ultimate digital Cameras to start making your own fantastic pictures.

Once you start to take pictures of the Cosmos it completes the whole experience of Stargazing and give everyone a chance to see Your pictorial results all bound together in your very own portfolio.

This site is set up to help would be Amateur, Intermediate and Advanced astronomers get the information and equipment they need to get the very best experience from their StarGazing.

The following pages are packed with information and tips and tricks to get the very best out of Astronomy. There are product pages and product reviews on Binoculars for astronomy and Telescopes for beginners.

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Cheap Telescopes and Equipment page:

The very best Telescopes from beginner to advanced Astronomy. Cheapest Telescopes. Telescope reviews and the best value for money Telescope in each category .

Books on Astronomy .                                           All types of books for astronomy lovers.  Factual- learn about the cosmos, Stars and Planets. Fictional-fantasy stories about space travel. Biographies-books about the brace Astronauts and their adventures in space. Autobiographical-amazing accounts of how, against all odds, one Man strived to become a Canadian Astronaut. 

Binoculars for Astronomy .                                The Best Value for money Binoculars. Expensive Binoculars.

Telescopes.                                                                   The best Beginner Scopes. 4″ Telescopes, 8″ Telescopes and the large advanced Telescopes. From telescope manufacturers like Celestron, Skywatcher and Orion.

Spotting Scopes.

Red Dot Finderscopes.                                     Finder scopes, Red dot finder scopes.

Eyepieces.                                                            Individual specialised Eyepieces , Eyepiece kits, Eyepiece and filter kits. Eyepiece reviews.

Check out Magnificent Eyepiece blog.

Filters                                                                    Sun Filters, Moon Filters and Colour Filter kits. Eyepiece and filter kits.

Telescope Mirrors / Lenses.                             Primary Mirrors and secondary.

Tripods for Telescopes.                                     Azimuth Mounts with “goto” capabilities.

This site has valuable links that will take you to all the best Astronomy equipment and Retailers. Giving you the best value for money £££.

By Lee Shephard

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